what is cuebro?

Cuebro [ kyoo/broh ] is a boutique record and production company that crafts custom audio.

We are comprised of creative thinkers with deep recording and musical knowledge. We have big ears, big hearts and understand the importance of customizing audio to fit the demanding needs of our clients. Whether you are looking for a fully orchestrated score or just a solid beat, Cuebro has the resources to help you create the most unique product possible.

Cuebro knows the challenge of matching the perfect audio to enhance a mood, establish an impression, or support brand attributes. Not all projects require a fully custom score. We listen to what you are after and can quickly narrow your selection of availble audio.



Fresh Tracks

Cuebro's tracks are unique, fresh and easily customizable. We are comprised of recording veterans and talented young recording artists. Our team of musicians are plugged into a massive musical cloud, and all our tracks can be adjusted to your needs.

Throw on some headphones and take a listen.


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The search is over–Cuebro curates audio selections for your project.

Ben Senterfit from the album "Liberty". This is the title track. Performed by Ben Senterfit - guitar, vocals, drum programming, David Petry - Drums, Kurt Reber - Bass, Jessica Rogalski - Vocals, Zack Freeman - Vocals and Beatboxing, Jarad Astin - Hammond organ CueZone Records & Cuebro Productions Featured on Democracy Now!
Back Door Channels - A documentary by Channel Productions about the brief moment in 1978 when Arabs and Jews laid down their arms and embraced peace. Music in this clip is by Whale Hawk with Cuebro Productions.

let's play

At Cuebro, we realize the creative process is not a quantifiable number. We have the resources and skills to make your project stand out.


Original music is an essential part of separating your project from the competition. Why pay to license a song that is just good enough? We wouldn't. We compose, record, produce mix and master in house. We are real musicians using real instruments. Allow us to craft the perfect work for your next project.


Need a horn section for your next recording? Is that track calling for some real Hammond B3? As performing and touring musicians, we operate a deep cooperative of the best musicians in the business who are available to compose, arrange and record. Simply uplopad us thetracks, we will help take your music to the next level.


Why spend hours searching audio catalogs? Let us do the work and pair a few tracks from our catalog with your project. Our entire catalog is pre-cleared ready to license.


Whats New?

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